July 11, 2017  -  Local 9 Membership Meeting
Motion made that going forward, all future requests received from local 9 standing committees should
include plans to use their committee funds to pay for milaege and daily expenses, before requesting
furthur support from the local. If a committee does not have sufficient funds to cover the entire milaege and daily
expense cost at the time of their request, then the local may cover the remaining portion of their request.

The board  reccomended that this request be granted was concurred in, and the motion
was approved at the July 11, 2017, membership meeting.


Next Womens Committee Meeting
Being Held After Each August 2017 Membership Meeting

Womens Committee Bake Sale Fundraiser
September 9, 2017
At The Local 9 Membership Picnic

Committee Members
Lance Agbuis / Nick Sommerville / Eric Lofton
Kathy Hofslund / Shelly Kuhrt / Jennifer Wallis

Our Committee seeks to serve not only the needs of Women
members of the local, but also to assist all members.We want
to encourage a harmonious workplace where every member
is treated equally & with respect for their person.

Further, we wish to reach out to those that need help in this
community.To these ends we encourage all members to
join us in out efforts.
The Womens Committee meets monthly.

The Womens Committee just held a Bake sale
at the Stables @ MillerCoors. It was a great
success and thank you Linda for putting it all together.
Thanks Everyone Who Supported This Fundraiser.


UAW Women's Department
The UAW Women's Department was created in 1955 to focus attention on the issues
and concerns of women in the workplace and to provide education aimed at motivating
women to become active in their union. Working in coalition with other progressive groups,
such as the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), the Women's Department is active
in grassroots lobbying and educating women and men alike on such issues as domestic violence,
sexual harassment, pay equity, and child care.

Purpose of the Committee
To educate the women of the local union of laborís position on local, state and
national laws regarding womenís issues.
To build self-esteem.
To provide leadership and educational training for women members so that they may
become more active in the local union and seek leadership positions.
To inform all union members about women and family issues.
To encourage women members to become politically active.
To discuss problems of women workers in the workplace with the local union leadership.
To become active with other labor and womenís organizations supported by the
International Union, UAW in order to promote laborís agenda.
To support the local unionís program.