July 11, 2017  -  Local 9 Membership Meeting
Motion made that going forward, all future requests received from local 9 standing committees should
include plans to use their committee funds to pay for milaege and daily expenses, before requesting
furthur support from the local. If a committee does not have sufficient funds to cover the entire milaege and daily
expense cost at the time of their request, then the local may cover the remaining portion of their request.

The board  reccomended that this request be granted was concurred in, and the motion
was approved at the July 11, 2017, membership meeting.

The Civil and Human Rights Committee serves as guardian over the local's commitment to assure members
full rights regardless of religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affiliation, national origin, age or handicap.



The purpose of our committee is to inform all members of their rights
under the United States Constitution,to encourage them to exercise
these rights,especially the right to Vote. And to fight against violations
of these rights,not only domestically, but around the world.To instill
in others the need to respect others and their rights regardless
of race-color-creed-national origin-sex or religion.

The Committee encourages and Welcomes any and all members
to join then in the persuit of these ideals.